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Terms and Conditions

User agreement between the customer and Moresand Limited T/A Virikson Morocco Holidays.

Please read these terms and conditions of use (Terms and Conditions) before using Virikson Morocco Holidays website and creating any booking.

You will agree upon the Terms and Conditions when you visit Virikson Morocco Site. If you disagree with any portion of the Terms and Conditions, you may not allowed on the website in any way to make a reservation. Each and every one association regarding customer service or your reservation should be sent to Virikson Morocco Holidays or at

Subjects of these Terms and Conditions:

  • Your agreement and contract
  • Conditions for Delivery of Your Booking
  • Cancellations or Booking Changes
  • Terms and Conditions to Flight Booking
  • Payment Conditions
  • Passport, Visas and Health Requirements
  • Other Generally Applicable Terms and Conditions

Your Agreement and Contract:

A – ‘Booking’ means any demand for products or services you make on our Site which is projected by us and we offer you. Receiving will be made by Virikson Morocco Holidays (and an agreement settled) when we have received whole payment from you and directed a verification email (from either Virikson Morocco Holidays or the related Travel Agent).

B – All travel products and facilities highlighted on the Site are subject to availability. Virikson Morocco Holidays offers lots of different products and the obvious terms and conditions linking to your booking depend on whether you reserve a Flight or other specific Package, hotels, trip’s lodges, a mixture of products.

Virikson Morocco Holidays is performing as a mediator for the third party dealers such as airlines, hotels, protection and car rental businesses, package holiday providers and others (Travel Dealer). When you make a reservation via the Site, and your selected travel product or service is available, the agreement will be between the Travel Provider and you. Virikson Morocco Holidays is not a party to the contractual relationship

C – Other Products’ are those separate products – e.g. flights and hotels bought and paid for at different times, and holidays packaged by another contractor. When you make a reservation via the Site, and your favored travel product or service is available, the contract will be amid the Travel Contractor and you. Virikson Morocco Holidays is not a party to the contractual relationship.


Travel Suppliers:

Travel Dealers Virikson Morocco Holidays performances as disclose Agent for third-party dealers and for the use of these terms and situations tour operators, hotels, hotel chains and hotel aggregators, assurance and car suppliers, plus all airlines, shall be combined in the term ‘Travel Supplier’.

In these circumstances, your agreement is between you and the Travel Supplier, and any demands or worries relating to the product should be spoken to them. You will glance the name and address, plus contact specifics, for most contractors at the bottom of the more info section for each product and for all dealers in any confirmation e-mail we or the Travel Supplier refer you.

Virikson Morocco Holidays does not believe any obligation for the travel products and facilities delivered by the Travel Supplier and makes no demonstrations or guarantees (express or indirect) about the rightness or quality of travel products and facilities included on the Site.

Travel Supplier Conditions

The following relates to all products or amenities booked via our Site:

The Travel Contractor’s terms and conditions (including airlines’ terms and conditions of carriage) will apply in addition to those set out here. The Travel Supplier’s terms and conditions may include supplies relating to payment processes, evasion, accountability, terminations, variations of bookings and repayments (if available) and any other limitations. as a consequence, as you move through the Site you will see contacts to terms applying to specific Travel Dealer products (you are directed to read those terms carefully) – but, please refer to your specific Travel Supplier for full particulars as to the appropriate terms and conditions.

You are accountable for fulfilling with any airline or other Travel Supplier circumstances in relation to check-in times, reconfirmation of flights, or other substances. Flights Booking Terms & Conditions In particular, please note that in relation to air prices there are extra terms specific to that fare. For example, ‘economy restricted’ tickets are generally not- changeable and non-refundable.

Flights Booking Terms & Conditions:

Flights must be used in the edict set out in your journey – e.g. a failure to use the outbound flight or first phase of a journey could cancel the rest of the ticket. Please note that, in relation to flight tickets, the suggested minimum check-in time is 120 minutes prior to departure for worldwide flights and 90 minutes for national flights. Some airlines want you to reconfirm your return flight booking at least 72 hours before travel.

Failure to reconfirm your flight booking straight with the airline may result in termination. In addition, the popular of airlines spare the right to make timetable changes and cancel complete bookings. While Virikson Morocco Holidays, as Agent, is not accountable for such schedule changes or cancellations, we will deliver you with any rational assistance you need via our customer services. We intensely recommend (predominantly if you are flying economy class), that you check in early if you have certain seat requests.

Virikson Morocco Holidays has no control over the distribution of seats, even if pre-booked with the airline and can make no assurance that exact seats will be available on leaving. Virikson Morocco Holidays is not accountable for the costs of any transmissions between airports or stations that you may incur. Flights priced at special fares or best prices may not take the most direct route. Some itineraries require a change of aircraft en-route.

Direct Flights & Non-direct flights:

A flight that is labeled as direct is one where there is no essential to change aircraft during the journey. However, stops may be made en-route for re-fueling or to let travelers on and/or off. The times given are given on the 24-hour clock scheme, estimated and based on outbound flights. Direct (Flight) Flights that must keep the comparable flight number through, though it may halt for a change of aircraft (equipment).

And they are dissimilar from nonstop flights, which travel straight from the departure airport to the complete destination without discontinuing for connections or layovers. Nonstop (Flight) Those Flight, that travels straight from the departure airport to the ultimate destination without preventing for links or stopovers. And they are different from direct flights, which only must carry on the same flight number all through, though it may stop for a change of aircraft.


Over-all Taxes are part of the reservation process for flight tickets or hotels you are given the choice to enter the particulars of any pertinent recurrent flyer or hotel faithfulness program of which you are a member. Please note that any such recurrent leaflet or hotel loyalty program is a matter to the terms and conditions of the airline or hotel through which it is accessible. Those relations and conditions may not give recompenses on all types of fare and class of provision.

Please express to the airline or hotel in charge of your numerous flyer or hotel loyalty programmer if you are uncertain of its terms and conditions. Please note that our Travel Dealers have their own guidelines and principles with regard to faithfulness cards. If you have any queries, please contact them directly. In relation to the ‘special appeals’ options relating to any product (e.g. meals, incapacitated facilities, child seats etc.), Virikson Morocco Holidays does not assure any such requirements but will pass these requests on to the Travel Supplier/hotel. It is your accountability to settle with the Travel Supplier or hotel whether such singular requests can be satisfied.

Delivery of Your Booking & E-tickets:

The following relates to all products or facilities booked via our Site: E-tickets All through the reservation process, you will be given the disposition of e-ticket or daily ticket. Please note that Air Company have their separate rules and guidelines with regard to e-ticketing. Virikson Morocco Holidays cannot be detained responsible for defiance with these rules and principles and firmly endorses that you check these details with your airline in advance of travel.

 Ticket Delivery:

Virikson Morocco Holidays rely on the evidence that you grant as being right and therefore cannot be held accountable if your paper tickets are missing due to a wrong statement or your e-ticket does not arrive due to an improper email address or your junk email settings. You must give notice us without interruption if you change your email address or interaction via a telephone number.

In addition, please check that the name on your passport ties the name on your ticket and/or booking validation. Please note that Virikson Morocco Holidays does not distribute paper tickets outside the UK. Also, if you have any unusual delivery necessities (such as flats with safety gates) then you should advise us of this straight after booking.

It is your accountability to advise us if you have not received your tickets. If you hold any other booking, either with Virikson Morocco Holidays or alternative agent, then it is your accountability to inform us that you need tickets from us by a certain time. Virikson Morocco Holidays would praise that you do this before finishing the booking. This will help us choose if fast delivery is required.

Please note that some airlines may apply a charge and follow a comprehensive process for the re-issue of lost tickets or tickets behind in the post. This charge and process will vary depending on what airline you are itinerant with. We use Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery of Tickets if you do not receive your tickets within 7 operational days of your reservation validation e-mail;

Please contact us. – But not before, unless your departure is within this period. After the 7 functioning days, we would ask that you interact with us within 48 hours.

If you commerce Virikson Morocco Holidays within 48-hour time surround then we will shelter the costs to rerelease. If you contact us outer of the 48 hours then you will be answerable for any costs. Express Next Day Delivery as City Link assurance delivery by 18:00 the following day we would ask that you contact our call center within 48 hours of your authorization e-mail if you have still not acknowledged tickets – but not before.

Failure to commerce within this 48-hour timeframe may consequence in costs from the airline which you would be responsible for paying. Please note that you can trace the development of your delivery on the courier company’s website using the orientation provided. This reference can be found in an e-mail that will be sent to you authorizing dispatch of your tickets. In excellent conditions, Virikson Morocco Holidays may not be able to subject airline tickets for confirmed bookings due to ticketing limitations outside its control.

If this occurs we will effort to inform you within 48 hours of confirmation and establish a refund or arrange an alternate. Where you select an alternative and it is more luxurious than your original booking, you may be accountable for disbursing the difference. Please note that you may be obligatory to produce your booking number and/or confirmation e-mail to the relevant Travel Supplier as an indication of your booking.

Cancellations or Modifications Terms

The following relates to all products or services booked via our Site:

Your ability to cancel or modify a booked travel product or service, and the method for doing so, will depend on the definite Travel Supplier’s or hotel’s terms and conditions. It, therefore, may not be probable to cancel or modify some products or amenities or there may be definite requirements you will have to meet.

For flight bookings, you can perhaps cancel or adjust your booking by phoning the Virikson Morocco Holidays call center or e-mail to For car hire the following alteration and termination terms will apply: for reservations canceled or amended within seven days of the booking date (the date you make the reservation) Virikson Morocco Holidays will enforce a charge of 15 per rental.


For reservations negated or amended more than seven days after the booking date, Virikson Morocco Holidays will enforce a charge of 40 per rental. In some situations, Virikson Morocco Holidays or the Travel Supplier may be incapable to cancel or adjust a travel product or service unless we accept a written request composed with payment of any additional fees and related charges. Please note that, in relation to flights, a ‘no-show’ for a flight May outcome in your ticket being canceled by the airline and therefore not refundable.

Consequently, if you wish to change a flight booking close to the departure time, we strongly recommend that you telephone Virikson Morocco Holidays and get written e-mail confirmation to that change before electing not to travel on the innovative flight. For car rental, if you fail to cancel your reservation former to the pick-up time and do not gather the car on the pick-up date, or if you fail to obey with the pick-up terms (see car dealer terms and conditions), Virikson Morocco Holidays reserves the right to make a ‘no-show’ charge of 100% of the total car rental booking value. Note

Regarding your Flight Tickets please note, that the payments for your flights will be completely non-refundable. Virikson won’t be accountable for any repayments if you want to cancel your journey. Please be conscious anytime your ticket is delivered, it converts completely nonrefundable upon cancellation. Virikson Morocco Holidays will not be liable to pay you 100% of your payments in any case of cancellation from your side once your package is reserved. Please make sure your passport should be at least 6 months valid before you apply for Journey.

Payment Terms:

Full payment for all Flight Packages is required at the time of reservation. Please note that supplementary charges may be owed for car rental (e.g. optional insurance, additional drivers, and mileage) as further set out in the specific car rental terms and conditions. The timing and collection of payment for flights each individual terms and conditions. The scheduling of payment will normally be in one of three ways:

  1. full payment at time of reservation
  2. deposit at time of reservation with the remainder payable on checkout
  3. Full payment on checkout.

In order to determine which relates to your booking, please refer to the ‘Payment Summary’ when making your reservation or see your confirmation e-mail. The collector of payment will either be Virikson Morocco Holidays, the Travel Dealer, or its representative.

Some airlines may charge extra local taxes. Virikson Morocco may be required to pass your card particulars to the relevant Travel Supplier for the contentment of the booking. Payment methods other than those quantified on the Site will not be recognized and no accountability is accepted for cash or cheque sent through the post.

Before payment is acknowledged in full, Virikson Morocco Holidays or the Travel Supplier is not obliged to issue any tickets, validations, vouchers, or other travel documents. However, you shall in all circumstances remain accountable for payment of the amounts agreed for the travel products and services ordered.

Virikson Morocco Holidays is an IATA Ticketing Agent – your tickets for organized flights will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment being acknowledged. Payment can be made by all major debit and credit cards as comprehensive on the Site. Virikson Morocco Holidays reserves the right to charge you for adding for any handling all fees we or the Travel Dealer in relation to the bookings made by credit card.

You will be informed of the applicable charges at the time of booking. Virikson Morocco Holidays reserves the right to permit on any charges connecting to card chargebacks. Virikson Morocco Holidays or the Travel Supplier reserves the right only to provide tickets, approvals, e-vouchers or other travel documents to your credit card billing address when demanded to do so by the credit card issuer.

Failure to supply the correct credit or debit card billing statement information may result in the termination of your reservation, interruptions to the issue of your tickets and may make the fare(s) subject to escalation. Please ensure that the billing address information you give match those on your billing account. Further, in an effort to decrease the properties of credit card fraud, we reserve the right to convey out random checks, including authenticating name, address and other individual information provided by you during the order procedure against appropriate third party databases.

All information provided by you will be preserved steadily and strictly in agreement with the Data Protection Act 1998. In some circumstances, we may demand you to either fax or post to us evidence of your address and a copy of the credit card and fresh statement before dispensing any tickets.

Refunds will be processed to the form of payment used at the time of booking. This will be made payable to the person who made the original payment. Taxes fluctuate in line with exchange rates. If you pay by credit card, payment for your flights may be taken directly by the airline.

If there are any problems with your payment, we will contact you within 48 hours of your booking (or within 24 hours if you are traveling within 48 hours). Virikson Morocco Holidays will not be liable for any subsequent price increase as a result of payment failure. Any price increase must be paid for by you before the booking can be confirmed. Please note that the airline payment and payment to Virikson Morocco Holidays for any other products or Virikson Morocco Holidays charges will appear as distinct transactions on your credit card statement.

Passports, Visas and Health Terms:

The information in this section is valid for British Citizens only. Non-British Citizens (including: citizens of British Dependent Territories; those who hold their citizenship by virtue of a connection with Gibraltar; British subjects who have a right of abode in the United Kingdom; and EC and other nationals) should consult the Embassy of their destination country and the Home Office Immigration Department regarding any special documentation for the countries they are visiting or for return to the UK.

Some overseas countries have an immigration requirement that your passport is valid for a minimum period after you enter that country, typically 6 months. If your passport has less than a year to run, please ensure you have a passport valid at least for the duration of your trip, although we recommend that you ask the Passport Agency before you travel to make sure.

For further information about your UK passport and applications for renewal, please visit the UK Passport website at If your passport is in its final year of validity, we advise you confirm the requirements of the destination before making final travel plans. Children not already included on a valid British passport will need to hold their own passport if they are to travel abroad.

Travelers to the United States: It is important that all travelers to the United States take note of the following:

Kids who were registered on a passport before 5 October 1998 may allowed to travel with the passport holder until The child extents the age of 16; or The passport on which the kid is included terminates; or the passport on which the kid is included is substituted or an alteration results in the concern of a new passport the name on the passport must match the name on the ticket, otherwise you may not be capable to travel.

If, after booking a holiday but before traveling, any member of your party changes their name, e.g. as a result of getting married, we must be notified immediately so that we can try to make the necessary changes to your holiday documentation. Travelers to the United States: It is important that all travelers to the United States take note of the following:

You must ensure that you fulfill with all US Government requirements as per the Visa Waiver Form before confirming your booking.

It is your obligation to be in ownership of a valid passport and if suitable, a visa. It can often take some time to get a visa, so you are recommended to apply in plenty of time. We receive no accountability for customers who do not own the correct papers. It is your duty to check and fulfil with any fitness requirements.

We recommend that British Citizens visit the ‘Health Advice for Travelers’ section of the Department of Health’s website at or speak to their GP. Non-British Citizens should make analyses at their own state’s Department of Health or comparable advisory body.

Other Generally Applicable Terms:

Virikson Morocco Holidays does not accept legal responsibility where the failure to provide part or all of your booking, death or personal injury is not caused by any fault of us, our agents or Travel Suppliers.

In respect of international travel by air, sea, and rail, our liability will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant international conventions. Where Virikson Morocco Holidays is legally responsible for direct loss this will be limited to a maximum of the total price of the products or services in respect of which a claim is made (save for the case of death or personal injury in respect of which there is no limit).

Virikson Morocco Holidays will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of your use of this Site or any of the travel products or services booked or purchased on the Site.

Queries and Complaints:

Please get in touch with our customer services group, if you have any other questions or objections relating to your booking before to departure. If you have an objection concerning to a Travel Provider and/or hotel during your stopover, please certify that you officially log your objection with the connected Travel Supplier preceding to your return. If you have any other questions or objections relating to your booking during your stay, please contact our customer services agent on your arrival and no later than 30 days after it giving your reservation reference and all other appropriate information.

If we or any of our Travel Supplier’s requires additional information you must supply that promptly in writing. This simple process must be followed as we and our Travel Supplier’s need to be able to scrutinize the problem and, where possible, rectify it quickly.

APIS Terms: All airlines are required to collect Advance Passenger Information from passengers before travel to or from the UK and certain other countries.

You agree to supply this information to and consent to passing this information to the airlines who may onward disclose it to foreign authorities. If you do not supply Advance Passenger Information at the time of reservation, you may be refused entry to these countries.

The information you will be asked to provide will depend on the country you are visiting but will include passport information, city and country of residence and destination address if traveling to the UK (for all travelers on your booking). If you are traveling to a country that requires Advance Passenger information, will ask Advance Passenger Information (API) after completing your reservation and it is the passenger liability to give us the requested information on time. If in case passenger not able to provide the requested details, there will be cancellation charges will apply and it depends upon the airlines fare rules.

Customer Behavior Terms:

It is your accountability to confirm that you do not act in a way which is inappropriate or causes crime or danger to others or which risks destruction to property belonging to others (including but not imperfect to drunkenness, air rage) whilst on your outing or using a service/product. We and/or our Travel Providers (e.g. airline staff) may withdraw your booking, in which case our and our Travel Provider’s accountability to you will cease directly and you will not be qualified for any repayments, payments of recompense and/or any compensation of any cost or expenditures you may incur as a result of such dissolution.

Use of the Site Terms and Conditions:

The Site is provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. Virikson Morocco Holidays does not accept any liability in respect of your ability to access or use the site at any time or any interruption in that any failure to complete any transaction. Virikson Morocco Holidays does not warrant that the Site is free from computer viruses or other properties that may cause loss or damage.

Information on the Site:

Virikson Morocco Holidays offers all of the broad information on the Site for purposes of direction only. Please note that Virikson Morocco Holidays may at any time modify any aspect of the Site or its content, including the accessibility of any suppliers, features, information, database or content. You need to check with the relevant Travel Supplier, destination, embassy, or tourist office to confirm the guidance is up to date.

In particular, with respect to passports, visas, and vaccination requirements, Virikson Morocco Holidays does not guarantee that the information is always up to date and it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and comply with all relevant passport, visa, and vaccination requirements.

Virikson Morocco Holidays does not guarantee that information on the Site (including without limitation prices, descriptions or dates) is free from errors or omissions but we will use all reasonable endeavors to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention. By way of example, the majority of hotel and other accommodation descriptions are fed directly to our Site by the Travel Supplier or the hotels themselves. User Obligations Terms

User Obligations Terms

  • You agree to be bound by the following obligations, including without limitation:
  • You acknowledge economic accountability for all transactions made under your name or account.
  • You warrant that all information you provide about yourself or members of your household shall be true and accurate.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over and have authorized capability.
  • The Site must not be used for speculative, false or fraudulent bookings.
  • The communication of intimidating, insulting, pornographic, dogmatic, or prejudiced material or any material that is otherwise illegal is expressly forbidden.
  • The Site and any content may not be changed, copied, transferred, circulated, sold, exhibited, licensed or duplicated in any way by you, excluding that one copy of the material confined within the Site may be made for private, non-commercial use.

Denial of Access Terms:

Virikson Morocco Holidays reserves the right to refuse access to the Site at any time without notification.

Links to Third Party Web Sites:

The Site may hold hyperlinks to outside websites owned and functioned by third parties. Virikson Morocco Holidays has no control over or alliance with such third party sites and no responsibility in relation to the accurateness, extensiveness, and quality of the information delimited within them. Any and all subjects on these external websites do not replicate products, services or evidence provided by Virikson Morocco Holidays.

Force Majeure

You should straight any anxieties regarding any external link to the site supervisor or webmaster of such site. Force Majeure Virikson Morocco Holidays shall not be accountable for any failure in the course of this Agreement if the identical shall arise out of a force majeure event. This shall consist of without restriction government interference, wars, civil hubbub, hijacking, fire, flood, accident, storm, strikes, lockouts, extremist attacks, or industrial action touching Virikson Morocco Holidays or its dealers.

Copyright and Trademarks:

The copyright and all exclusive rights in the Site and all contented are earmarked by Virikson Morocco Holidays. The substantial checked within the Site is the property of Virikson Morocco Holidays or its associates unless recognized as belonging to third parties. The name Virikson Morocco Holidays and any other marks, logos, and visuals of Virikson Morocco Holidays exhibitions on the Site are disclosed trademarks of Virikson Morocco Holidays or its associates. Other company and product or service names showed on the Site may be the trademarks of their individual owners. You have not contracted any right or license to use any trademarks.

Privacy Policy

The terms of the Virikson Morocco Holidays Privacy Policy are combined into these Terms and Conditions. You agree to the use of particular information by Virikson Morocco Holidays and its partners or third party suppliers in agreement with the terms of and for the drives set forth in the Virikson Morocco Holidays Privacy Policy.


The Virikson Morocco Holidays is ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority, and we act as mediators for licensed trip operators; the related ATOL number is shown. The flight reservations we make are also ATOL Protected, except when tickets for planned flights are sent to you within 24 hours of payment being accepted, or where your fee is made direct to airlines. ATOL Protection encompasses primarily to clients who reserve and pay in the United Kingdom. If your booking is ATOL protected, this will be obviously stated in your confirmation email. Visit if you want to know more…

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