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Morocco Activities & Excursion.
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Day Trips From Marrakech

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Morocco Activities & Excursion.


Virikson Morocco Holidays take you on a wonderful journey through history, between time, culture and incredible, diverse landscapes. Morocco is in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Europe and Africa and has always been a land of exchanges and encounters of culture and history, and has always had a somewhat ‘mysterious’ image which has held the intrigue of tourists.

The dramatic shifts in landscape offer the adventurous tourist  a vast Variety of activities; from cruising in a 4×4 jeep through the golden sand dunes to the Adventurous Camping & trekking tours deep into Sahara desert to the lively sea resort town of Agadir, some windsurfing in Essaouira perhaps before jostling your way through the ever chaotic and exciting markets of Marrakech.You will delight in the exceptional natural and cultural heritage, the natural beauty,t he landscapes,t he people, the food and the vivid colours of this country which are a photographer’s mecca. Whatever experience it is you want to get out of traveling, a Morocco Tour has it all.

With Morocco‘s Four Mountains series and amazing valley array, it offers exceptional hiking on foot to those who’d love to enjoy the adventurous journeys along groups, some of the significant points on Atlas are: the sargho, the Rif; amazing Skiing experience in the cedrais of the Middle Atlas, combined ski-mules in the High Atlas; adventure filled Cannoning: every season where nature is discovered differently in these places. Beautiful, wild and yet organized for hikers, The Moroccan mountains are truly wonderful spots with a great height that is required to fulfill daring specification: with skilled guides and accompanying graduates, a network of lodgings of stages and refugees, rental of mules pack, mountain bike, and Quads …The most popular destination for horse riding, whether on the sandy & soft beach, in the great hills, in the High Atlas, in the gorges or in the Western Desert, all the Southern Morocco places are suitable for horse riders.

Virikson Morocco Holidays have been functional for years now delivering them our top quality services in lowest rate for mesmerizing activities. Make your life easy with Virikson Morocco Holidays by visiting unfamiliar exotic landscapes of Ourika , Ouzoud Valley, Beauty of Atlas mountains, exotic Beaches of Agadir and witness the artistic 12th-century architecture and busy souks of Marrakech and colors Fes to white sandy beaches of esouaira  & Dakhla to fulfill your dream holiday plan painlessly. We help you arrange the trip to exciting cities all over Morocco. For quick booking, Call us at 020 37455788 and speak to our helpful and responsive customer representative for questions and quires or just Email us at and we will get back to you with your required dream holiday package with top Activities to Morocco.

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